How COVID-19 Immunity Works at This Point in the Pandemic

When SARS-CoV-2 was a brand-new virus, it met little resistance in immune-naïve hosts—that is, us. Vaccines, boosters, and infections have increased our immunity to varying degrees. But how much protection… Read more

Black Friday misery for French shops as Macron and protesters lock horns

For a week, protesters clad in fluorescent yellow jackets have blocked highways across France with burning barricades and convoys of slow-moving trucks, obstructing access to fuel depots, shopping centres and… Read more

Thought Clothing links with Traid for re-use drive

As both parties are committed to developing a more circular, sustainable future for the fashion industry, “the partnership aims to open thought-provoking conversations around recycling and repurposing fashion and consumer… Read more
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