India blames EU for lukewarm interest in FTA

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who chaired a consultation meeting with economists and media observers on ‘FTAs & India: The Way Forward’, blamed the EU for showing little interest… Read more

TEA appeals to PM to forge FTA with Britain

“It is an appropriate time for India to commence negotiations with UK for Free Trade Agreement and we are confident that India being a favored nation to UK, India could… Read more

Thought Clothing links with Traid for re-use drive

As both parties are committed to developing a more circular, sustainable future for the fashion industry, “the partnership aims to open thought-provoking conversations around recycling and repurposing fashion and consumer… Read more

UK retail sales growth to international shoppers hits six-month low – Planet

That’s worrying for the big luxury fashion brands in shopping hubs like London’s West End and Knightsbridge as the percentage of affluent tourists spending in their stores is huge compared… Read more

WFW, KMA join hands for development of fashion industry

WFW and KMA entered into the agreement to promote fashion internationally and help maintain cross-border cultural relations between the partner nations. It was signed by chairman of KMA Yang Eui Sig, chairman… Read more

VF Corp selects downtown Denver for new global headquarters

The 10-story, 285,000-square-foot building will house an estimated 1,200 employees. According to the company, which signed a 12-year lease for the building, the new offices will create over 800 new… Read more
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